Son of a Gun, or how Sam Colt changed America:

The revolver created the image of the rugged, self-sufficient Westerner but he was umbilically tied to the new urban factory. The "Wild West" only lasted 15 years, but the cultural effect of its iconic weapon would remake American identity. I wrote, directed and narrated for the BBC and Sony Home Video

Son of a Gun, or how Sam Colt changed America

Before Columbus:BBC Timewatch

Following the 19th century reports of "Welsh speaking Indians" in North Dakota, this follows the legend of a Welsh prince to the Mandan of North Dakota, who send an investigator to Anglesey.

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Before Columbus

Evidence of Vikings: BBC Timewatch:

Were the Vikings bloothirsty savages, or was that propaganda. And was the fiercest saga warrior simply driven mad by bone deformations?

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Evidence of Vikings: BBC Timewatch

Lords of the Maya:BBC Timewatch

The excavation of a burial inside a Mayan pyramid reveals the life and death of their cities

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Lords of the Maya

The Terror:

Celebrating the bi-centenial of the French Revolution, this BBC film looks at why the revolutionaries did not end slavery until Robespierre insisted.

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The Terror

Ireland's Opportunity:

One of two films I made for the BBC for the bi-centenary of the French Revolution. The IRA was its longest surviving revolutionary movement

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Ireland's Opportunity

And God Blew:

My first venture with Terry Jones, in which he examines great historical events blown totally off course by dramatic weather events, and with the help of leading historians unveils the purpose of the hidden hand.

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And God Blew

Drake's Last Voyage: BBC Timewatch:

Why did Francis Drake'e final voyage lead to disaster? The film uncovers new evidence of the reason for a tragic end

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Drake's Last Voyage: BBC Timewatch

Form the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning:

The documentary in which the Kogi appeared from their mountain to give their memorable wake-up call to industrial civilization

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Form the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning


The Kogi demonstrate the interconnections of the living world in a desperate plea to our reckless industrial civilization to recognise the foundations of life.

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GLADIATORS: The Brutal Truth:

Terry Jones makes a practical investigation of the role of gladiatorial combat in Roman culture, and discovers why the "barbarians" put a stop to it,

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GLADIATORS: The Brutal Truth

The Story of One:

The journey from the number one to the number zero, and beyond. Devised for BBC1 by the team behind "Walking with Dinosaurs" and presented by Terry Jones, I was the historical advisor and co-writer.

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The Story of One

The Surprising History of Sex and Love:

Presented by Terry Jones. Originally a 90 minute commission from Discovery Channel US. They dropped it with horror when they saw the rough-cut. The problem was not sexual content but the evidence that the Israelites worshipped a goddess. It was shown in this shorter version by Discovery UK, and won the Royal Television Society Southern Region award. Terry believed it was his best documentary.

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The Surprising History of Sex and Love